Lash Extension and Blowout Memberships

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Some women only visit a blow dry bar for special occasions. However, you can also make blowouts and hairstyling a part of your beauty routine. You deserve to feel pampered and to look your best and our San Diego blowout bar can help you achieve this goal. Our membership programs let you get the full BlowBunny experience for a discounted monthly price. We also offer lash extension memberships to help you stay on top of fill-ins for your eyelash extensions.

We offer two different types of memberships. These are:

VIB Membership

Our classic Very Important Bunny (VIB) membership is the best option if you are focused on hair care and hairstyling. For $85/month, you get two Bunny Love blowouts. These include a shampoo wash, conditioning treatment, heat protection, blow drying, and styling. You can use your two blowouts a month before nights out, for important events, or just to treat yourself. If you want more than two trips to our blowout bar in a month, you can add an unlimited number of Bunny Love blowouts for a discounted rate of $42.50 each. Blowouts roll over to the next month and you can freeze your membership at any time while continuing to use your accrued blowouts.

In addition to hairstyling, the classic VIB membership includes discounts on other services. You get 10% off: all of BlowBunny’s salon-quality products, conditioning hair treatments, eyebrow services, eyelash extensions and lash lifts, and makeup application. The membership also comes with a free blowout on your birthday each year.

Lash Extension VIB

We are more than just a blowout bar. Besides hair-related services, BlowBunny offers professionally-applied eyelash extensions. These increase the length and volume of your lashes. Each waterproof and semi-permanent extension is individually applied to your natural eyelashes by our certified and licensed lash experts. A full set of lash extensions gives your eyes a dramatic look without the need for mascara.

Lash extensions fall out with your natural eyelashes. The rate at which you lose lashes can vary, so we recommend a touch-up every 2 weeks to keep your extensions looking perfect. This is where the Lash VIB membership comes in. If you know you want to maintain your eyelash extensions, you can save money by signing up for a Lash VIB membership. This includes two fill-ins for your existing extensions. Pricing varies depending on the type of lashes you wish to maintain. It is $135/month for the Classic set, $170/month for the Hybrid set, and $230/month for the Volume set. Being a Lash VIB makes it easier to keep up with regular lash maintenance and you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.


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  • classic full set $195
  • hybrid full set $235
  • volume full set $275
  • lash removal $50
  • lash lift $95
  • fill in classic 2 weeks $75
  • fill in classic 3 weeks $90
  • fill in hybrid 2 weeks $115
  • fill in hybrid 3 weeks $130
  • fill in volume 2 weeks $155
  • fill in volume 3 weeks $170

What We Offer

You deserve to look amazing and feel completely pampered. With beauty services ranging from hair care to makeup application, BlowBunny can help you reach this goal. Contact us online, over the phone, or in store to learn more.


A blowout is incredibly relaxing and you can choose a hairstyle from BlowBunny’s signature looks or create your own custom style. We offer braiding, updos, waves, and more.

Hair Care

There are many hair care options to help keep your hair smooth, shiny, and healthy. At BlowBunny, you can add a hair treatment to a blowout or book it separately.

Hair Extensions

Get the length and volume you want for your hair without waiting for it to grow naturally. BlowBunny’s Remy hair extensions are professional-grade and blend seamlessly with your existing color.

Lash Extensions

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions increase the length and volume of your natural lashes without damaging them. Our lash experts apply individual extensions to each eyelash.


Whatever the occasion, our makeup artists can help you look your best. We offer eyes-only, contour-only, and full-face makeup. We are sure to have a makeup style that is perfect for you.

VIB Memberships for Lash Extension and Blowouts

If you are a regular customer at our blow dry bar, you may want to consider becoming a Very Important Bunny. The classic VIB membership is a great option to get two blowouts a month and the ability to add unlimited additional blowouts at a discounted price. If you received eyelash extensions from us, then the Lash VIB program is a great option to keep up with extension maintenance. Either way, you get to make BlowBunny a part of your monthly routine at a discounted price.
Purchase a blowout or lash extension membership today.

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