How Does a

Lash Lift


At BlowBunny, we want you to have the perfect lash look every day without constant upkeep. Curling your lashes is the simplest way to create a naturally flawless look. No matter the length of your lashes, giving them that upward curl will make them look noticeably longer. This is the easiest method to achieve the best looking eyelashes. However, that doesn’t mean you need to suffer through the time and hassle of sitting with a lash curler pressed against your face every day. BlowBlunny offers a lash lift that will give you long-lasting curled lashes without the hassle of constant care.

Here is some information about how a lash lift works:

A Perm for Your Lashes

Believe it or not, perms are back in style! Only this time, it’s not about giving your hair those permanently-tight ringlet curls. A lash lift is quite similar to a perm, only that it is for your eyelashes rather than your hair. A lash lift will curl your eyelashes to keep them looking long and natural. Straight lashes can be unnoticeable and will not show off their true length. With curled lashes, the upward angle makes them stand out against your eyelid. This highlights your eyes to make them look big and bold.

Lash Lift Process

There is no preparation necessary when you come in for a lash lift. To begin the process of curling your lashes, your professional lash artist will start by separating your top lashes from your bottom. A silicone shield is then placed on your upper eyelid along with some adhesive to maintain its position. The size of the silicone shield will be determined by the length of your lashes. This will help ensure the best results. The eyelashes are then curled over the silicone to give them the best upward and outward curl. The perming solution is then applied to your lashes, along with a setting and conditioning solution to finish the process. This can take up to an hour.


The results from your lash lift can last from six to eight weeks. This is about the same length as a regular life cycle for your natural lashes. Much like a perm, you should avoid getting your lashes wet for the next 24 hours. After that, you can treat your newly curled lashes the same as you would your natural ones. This means you can touch them, rub them, and wear mascara. They are extremely low maintenance and will look perfect even if you skip your morning beauty routine. To ensure your lashes stay perfect, it is important that during the first 24 hours you avoid any makeup, touching, and water.

Is a Lash Lift Worth It?

The price of a lash lift at BlowBunny is $95. This will give you up to eight weeks of curled lashes with minimal effort. Waking up every morning to your beautifully-curled and fuller-looking eyelashes is a wonderful feeling. With or without mascara, you will receive compliments every day with your new look. You can even pair a lash lift with lash extensions to achieve a perfect curl and length.

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