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Blowout and Styling Services

What is a Blowout?

If you’ve never been to a blow dry bar, you may be wondering what to expect. You’ve probably heard the term “blowout,” but you might not know exactly what it is or why you should get one. A blowout is the process of washing, blow drying, and styling your hair. It’s like what happens at the end of a haircut or color at the salon, except there is no cutting or dyeing involved. The resulting style can last up to three days with proper care, making it a great option before a big event or simply to look your best for the weekend.

At BlowBunny, we always start our blowouts with a shampoo wash and condition. We use salon-quality products that match your hair type. You can add deep conditioning treatment, keratin, Olaplex, or any of our other hair care options as well. Next, we apply heat protection to seal your cuticles and prevent damage. After we blow dry your hair, we move on to styling. We work with your hair texture to achieve your desired appearance. You can do a custom look or pick from our signature styles to find one that best suits your personality.

Our Bunny Love blowout lasts 45 minutes including wash and style. If you want more time, you can upgrade to our Extra Bunny Love, which lasts for an hour and 15 minutes. Both services can include styling hot tools such as curling irons and flat irons, but the Extra Bunny Love option gives you even more time for pampering. For girls under 10 years old, we offer a 35 minute wash, blow dry, and styling experience.

Pick Your Style

Our signature styles range from casual to elegant. We offer updos and half-updos for more upscale looks. We also offer hair braiding, which can be added to a blowout or done as a separate styling service. Some of our other popular options are beachy waves or loose curls, which look gorgeous and are suited for more casual occasions. No matter which style you choose, our professionals will make sure that you look absolutely stunning.

You can add makeup application to any of these styles which is a great way to get the full look you are going for. We can do contour-only, eye-only, or full-face makeup. Just like our hairstyles, your makeup can be low-key or dramatic depending on your specific desire.

Here are just a few of our hairstyle options:


A woman with beach wave after professional hairstyling at our blow dry bar

The Beach Bunny

A woman with bold, curly hair after visiting our San Diego blow dry bar

The Jessica Rabbit

A woman with a sleek hairstyle after blowout done at our local San Diego blow dry bar

The Snow Bunny

A child with styled hair after one of our Little Bunny blowouts for girls 10 and under

The Little Bunnies

A woman with classy, wavy hair after a visit to our blowout bar

The Classy Bunny

A woman with loose curls after a blowout and styling

The Wild Hare

Our Beauty Services

BlowBunny offers a variety of beauty services, from blowouts to makeup application. Learn more about what we offer. You can call us, contact us online, or drop by our blow dry bar if you have any questions.


Our blowouts include shampoo, conditioning treatment, heat protection, blow drying, and hair styling. You can do a custom look or pick from our signature styles to find a look that fits your personality.

Hair Care

Keep your hair looking its best with hair care treatments from BlowBunny. We offer keratin treatments to reduce frizz, conditioning Olaplex and B3 treatments, and custom hair masks.

Hair Extensions

Get hair extensions in your natural color or in fashion colors to create an ombre or add highlights. We use the highest-quality Remy hair extensions. This brand is the gold standard for extensions.

Lash Extensions

Our non-damaging lash extensions draw attention to your eyes and showcase your natural beauty. These extensions are applied by our licensed and certified lash stylists.


Our makeup artists use a selection of the best beauty products to create a look that you will love. We can do full-face makeup, eyes only, contour only, or even bridal styling.


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  • Bunny Love (45-Minute Blowout) - $46
  • Extra Bunny Love (Additional 30 Minutes Styling Time) - $56
  • Updos (Wash Included) - $76
  • Updo Without Wash - $56
  • Braided Bunny - $10/braid
  • Energizer Bunny (Dry Style, No Wash) - $35
  • Clip-In Extensions Added to Blowout - $20


A blowout is a great way to relax and you will leave looking your best with a gorgeous hairstyle. These looks can last for up to three days with proper care. If you want to make regular blowouts a part of your self-care routine, you may want to consider a membership to get two blowouts a month and additional blowouts at lower prices.

Visit our blow dry bar today. You can call to schedule or book online.

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