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Hair Care at BlowBunny

Regular hair care can help you transform damaged hair and keep any hair type healthy and beautiful. Our hair treatments can be added to a blowout or applied on their own to help smooth your hair, boost shine, or fix other issues with hair texture or appearance. We also offer products that you can take home to make these hair treatments a part of your everyday routine.

Hair care at BlowBunny can include:

Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo

We offer Oribe products for you to bring home with you or to add to your blowout. One of our most popular options is the Oribe Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo. This intensive salon treatment moisturizes your hair and protects it from damage during the shampooing and blow dry process.

B3 Treatment

Hair care is constantly evolving and B3 treatment is one example of a relatively new treatment that can help keep your hair healthy. B3 breaks the bonds in your hair and realigns them. This helps to prevent breakage and at the same time repairs damage. B3 is a great option if you color your hair regularly.

Deep Conditioning

All of our blowouts include conditioner. However, you may want to add additional deep conditioning. Our conditioning treatment lasts 15 minutes and is an add-on to our blowout services. This smooths your hair and leaves it feeling soft and silky. As always, we use only the best hair products.

Color-Enhancing Gloss

Color-enhancing gloss lets you boost your hair color without dye. This product blends your natural color to tone down brassiness, blend in gray, and emphasize the vibrancy of your hair’s color. The gloss will also make your hair appear shinier. Results can last up to four weeks.

Clarifying Treatment

If you use a lot of different products to style your hair, you may have a buildup of chemicals from these products. A clarifying treatment strips away these chemicals and leaves your hair lighter and easier to style. At BlowBunny, you can choose from Malibu or Peppermint treatments.


Olaplex is the ultimate treatment and protection for damaged hair. This product actually restructures the bonds in your hair, leading to stronger strands with less breakage. Olaplex treatment is a great option to prepare for color, for keratin treatment, or for any other changes you make to your hair.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin smoothing treatment reduces frizz, straightens hair, and adds shine and silkiness. Keratin treatment works by breaking bonds in your hair and straightening from within. Our full keratin treatment can last for 8-12 weeks, whereas our express keratin lasts for 6-8 weeks.


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  • Keratin Max (Lasts 8-12 Weeks) - $296
  • Keratin Express (Lasts 6-8 Weeks) - $156
  • Gloss (No Blow Dry Included) - $35
  • B3 - $40
  • Vital Shot - $26

What We Offer

BlowBunny is a blow dry and extension bar offering services including classic blowouts, keratin treatments, and makeup. You can schedule online or by phone. Learn more about our beauty services.


Treat yourself to a blowout at our blow dry bar. Our stylists will wash, blow dry, and style your hair. You can do a custom look or pick from our signature styles, including braiding and updos.

Hair Care

Hair care treatments from BlowBunny can keep your hair frizz-free, sleek, and healthy. These treatments range from keratin to hair masks and can be added to a blowout or done separately.

Hair Extensions

Add length and volume to your hair with our semi-permanent hair extensions. We have three different levels of extensions so you can choose your desired volume.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions and lash lifts help your eyes stand out. We apply individual, non-damaging extensions to your lashes, up to 70+ per eye depending on the type of full set you choose.


From bridal makeup to faux lash strips, we can help you look your best. Our makeup artists use only high-quality products and can match our makeup to your personality.

Keratin Treatment and Other Hair Care Options

We offer hair smoothing treatments, conditioning, and products to repair damaged hair. Your hair deserves the best and you can get the highest-quality hair care at BlowBunny. Add a hair treatment to a blowout or come in and have it done separately. Either way, you will leave with healthier hair that looks gorgeous.

Visit our blow dry bar and try our many hair care options.

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