The Benefits of Wearing


Makeup has been in use since 10,000 BC and is a huge part of daily life for women. 44% of women prefer not to leave the house without completing some form of beauty routine. However, this does not mean that using these products is an obligation. Cosmetics can have a huge impact on how you feel and how you relate to others. This makes a positive difference in the day-to-day life of many women.

Here are just a few of the benefits of wearing makeup:

Makeup Can Improve Your Relationships

Under certain circumstances, wearing makeup can improve your personal and professional relationships. Much of our communication with others is nonverbal. This includes your appearance and how you present yourself to those around you. Cosmetics, hair, and clothing all play a role in nonverbal communication. When you understand what sort of message your makeup is sending, it can help you connect with others more effectively.

Studies have shown that women who wear subtle makeup to work are viewed as more competent and likable. Outside of the workplace, cosmetics can help you connect with other women. Women bond more quickly with others who wear similar makeup, so your beauty choices can influence what type of friends you are likely to have. In the dating world, men generally find women most attractive when they use an average amount of beauty products to highlight their best features. Too much or too little makeup can send the wrong message, so you should always tailor your look to the specific situation.

Makeup Boosts Your Confidence

You deserve to feel beautiful and cosmetics can help you achieve this goal. Multiple studies have shown that women feel more confident, attractive, and sociable when they are using their preferred beauty products. You can also use cosmetics to create a routine that gets you in the right mindset for any occasion.

The confidence boost that cosmetics can give you may even translate into improved cognitive abilities. One study from Harvard Medical School and the University of Chieti in Italy tested how wearing makeup impacted performance on a multiple-choice exam. The female undergraduates who wore makeup performed better than those who listened to positive music or colored a picture of a human face before taking the test. This demonstrates that beauty products can help you feel more confident and that can directly impact your performance.

Makeup is Fun

In addition to the documented social and psychological benefits of cosmetics, many women simply feel that makeup is fun. Experimenting with new looks is a great way to channel your creativity. You can always purchase new beauty products to customize your style. This gives you the freedom to explore what makes you look and feel your best.

A beauty routine can help you feel more relaxed and can give you valuable alone time. Modern women are bombarded with so many different concerns. Makeup can reduce some of your stress by giving you dedicated time each day to spend focused on yourself. The average woman spends 11 minutes a day on her beauty routine. Experimenting with your look and finding ways to make cosmetics fun makes this time even more enjoyable.

Professional Styling

Makeup Artists at BlowBunny

Certain occasions may call for styling beyond what you do during your everyday routine. In these cases, you might want to have your makeup applied by a professional. BlowBunny’s team of experienced makeup artists can help you look and feel your best for any event or when you just need a confidence boost. We use the best quality products to create a look that is designed for you, one that will highlight your best features and match your personality.

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