What to Expect When You Visit a

Blow Dry Bar

Blow dry bars are becoming increasingly popular, but do you know what they actually are? These locations exclusively provide blowouts, which include a wash, blow dry, and hair styling.   Not only can you expect to leave looking great, but the standard blowout at our blow dry bar also provides you with 45 minutes of relaxation, pampering, and beautification. This is the ultimate way to treat yourself.

Here are some of the things you should know:

Why Visit a Blow Dry Bar

There are many great reasons why you should visit a blow dry bar, whether it’s for a special occasion, a night on the town, or you simply want to look and feel your best. Blowout services are designed with busy women in mind and give you the ease and convenience of getting quick and professional hairstyling. Beyond that, visiting a blow dry bar is not just about leaving with a great look. It is about leaving feeling relaxed and beautiful. Blow dry bars are a great place to get pampered and you can bring your friends for a group experience.

What to Expect From a Blowout

While every blow dry bar is slightly different, when you visit BlowBunny, you can expect only the highest-quality service. We are committed to providing every client with a top-notch experience from the moment they enter the door to when they leave.

We offer a variety of choices, including our Bunny Love blowout which lasts 45 minutes. If you are looking for a little extra pampering, our Extra Bunny Love blowout lasts an hour and 15 minutes. Both options include shampoo, conditioning, blow drying, and hairstyling. For girls under 10, we offer a 35 minute blow dry and styling experience.

Before your blowout begins, your stylist will ask about your style preferences. We want your hair to reflect your unique personality. You will be able to choose a custom look or pick from our signature styles. It’s also possible to add extra services such as a half-updo, updo, or braiding. You have the freedom to choose a casual style or a glamorous look.

After you choose your style, your hairstylist will then prep your hair by washing and conditioning it. If you choose, you can add deep conditioning treatment, keratin, Olaplex, or any of our other hair care options. After your shampoo, we apply a heat treatment to seal your cuticles. This protects them from any damage during the styling process. Your stylist will then blow dry your hair and style it exactly the way you want it. Finally, we will use high-quality hair products to add any finishing touches.

The resulting style can last up to three days with proper care, making it a great option before a big event or simply to look your best for the weekend. We offer dry shampoos from the Oribe line that you can use to extend your blowout.

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A Luxurious Blow Dry Bar

At BlowBunny we take great pride in providing the best experience for our clients. Beyond our blowouts, we also offer hair extensions, eyelash extensions, and make-up services. If you need to look good for a special occasion or a night out, we will make sure that you leave looking amazing and feeling great.

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